What is the meaning of my life without you: [3/?]
↳ Matt Smith

What is the meaning of my life without you: [2/?]
↳ Troye Sivan

"This character for me was the sort of open-hearted, free-spirited bohemian type and it was a lot more difficult than I ever thought it would be to play someone who didn’t have many internal demons or personal angst to fall back on. I almost had to be like an open book which was really hard." — Leonardo DiCaprio, on playing Jack Dawson


who gave you the right to smile like that and ohmygod your eyes


you can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with.

Sunshine, how did I ever get along without you?
You didn’t.

Scott doesn’t care about power. He cares about people.

still not over the ending of HIMYM.


based on x.